Chinese astrology

This section gives you access to your Chinese signs. They are very important and should be taken into account because they perfectly complement your Being. Whether it's the powerful Dragon or the mischievous Monkey, each sign offers unique personality traits and predictions about the future. So, if you'd like to discover the secrets behind your sign, I invite you to delve into this captivating article that will feed your mind with knowledge and curiosity. Have a good reading !

Once upon a time, in the skies of ancient China, a great race was organised by the Jade Emperor. The stars twinkled and the stars lined up to witness this exceptional event.

The Jade Emperor summoned the twelve most loyal animals in his celestial kingdom to take part in a legendary race that would determine the order of the Chinese astrological signs.

Excitement ran high among the animals, and they all gathered at the starting point, a cloud of sparkling silver. The rat was particularly excited, but also worried about his small size. To compensate, he asked the ox, a powerful and robust animal, to carry him on his back during the race. The ox, being honorable and loyal, readily agreed.

The race began enthusiastically, and the animals crossed the skies with agility. The rat, clever and intelligent, realised that he had no chance of competing with the other animals in terms of speed. So, halfway across the race, he jumped off the ox's back and sprinted towards the finish line, becoming the first animal of the Chinese zodiac.

The ox, coming in second, was a little surprised by the rat's manoeuvre, but accepted his place with dignity. The tiger, fast and ferocious, came third, followed by the rabbit, who had skilfully jumped from stone to stone to win his place.

The dragon, majestic and powerful, towered over all the other animals to take fifth place. However, the snake, cunning and discreet, had wrapped its body around the dragon's leg and cleverly slipped in front of it at the last minute.

The horse, galloping gracefully, arrived in seventh place, followed by the goat, the ancient monkey and the rooster, who had formed an alliance to move forward together. The dog, a faithful companion, showed his loyalty by coming eleventh.

Finally, the pig, who had lingered along the way to enjoy the delicious food, arrived in twelfth place. All the animals were now lined up, and the Jade Emperor, satisfied, assigned each one a year in the Chinese zodiac, based on the order of arrival.

Since that day, each Chinese year has been associated with one of the twelve astrological signs, determined by the legendary celestial race. Each animal brings its own unique characteristics and attributes to the year it represents, influencing the personality and destiny of those born under its sign. And so the fascinating legend of the Chinese zodiac signs lives on, bearing witness to the wisdom and creativity of the rat, the courage of the tiger, the loyalty of the dog, and the many other qualities of the animals of the Chinese zodiac.

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