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  1. Compassionate : People born under the sign of goat are known for their great compassion towards others. They are often willing to help and support those in need.

  2. Kind : Goats are generally gentle and kind individuals. Their caring nature leads them to be considerate of others.

  3. Creative : Goats are often gifted with a great imagination and creative spirit. They excel in artistic fields and can bring a touch of originality to anything they undertake.

  4. Sensitive : Goat people are often very sensitive to the emotions of others. They are able to understand and deeply feel the feelings of those around them.

  5. Intuitive : Goats often have a highly developed sixth sense. They are able to sense things intuitively and can make decisions based on their instincts.


  1. Indecisive : Goats tend to be indecisive and hesitant in their choices. They can have difficulty making decisions and can be easily influenced by others.

  2. Overly sensitive : Goats's sensitivity can sometimes make them vulnerable to criticism and negative comments. They can take things too personally and be easily hurt emotionally.

  3. Passive : Goats sometimes find it difficult to take the initiative and act proactively. They may prefer to follow rather than lead.

  4. Unassertive : Goats often find it difficult to express their needs and opinions assertively. They may fear conflict and prefer to avoid confrontation.

  5. Overly dependent : Goats can sometimes be too dependent on others. They may find it difficult to make decisions for themselves and prefer to rely on others for guidance.


In love, Goats are romantic and caring. They seek to establish deep emotional ties with their partner and are prepared to do anything to make their relationship harmonious. However, their sensitivity can sometimes make them vulnerable to conflict and emotional hurt. They need an understanding and caring partner who will take their emotions into account.


In friendship, Goats are loyal and caring companions. They are often ready to listen and support their friends in difficult times. Their gentle, kind nature makes them much-loved friends. However, their tendency to be over-dependent can sometimes create imbalances in their friendships.


At work, Goats are dedicated and creative collaborators. They are often appreciated for their ability to come up with new and original ideas. However, their indecision and lack of assertiveness can sometimes prevent them from taking the initiative and progressing in their careers. They need an encouraging work environment that will allow them to flourish.


When it comes to health, Sheep need to pay attention to their emotional sensitivity. Stress and negative emotions can have an impact on their physical well-being. It's important for them to find ways of managing stress, such as meditation or yoga. They also need to maintain a balanced diet and exercise regularly to stay healthy.

Goat (1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027)

Goat are artistic, gentle and compassionate. They have a penchant for aesthetics and creativity.