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  1. Charisma : Snakes have a magnetic aura that draws others to them.

  2. Intelligent : They are highly intelligent and have exceptional analytical skills.

  3. Observant : Snakes are attentive to detail and often notice things that others do not.

  4. Intuitive : They have a highly developed sixth sense and can often predict future events.

  5. Creative : Snakes have a vivid imagination and are often gifted in the arts.

  6. Charming : They know how to seduce others with their natural charm and elegance.


  1. Jealous : Snakes can sometimes be possessive and jealous, which can cause problems in relationships.

  2. Vindictive : They find it hard to forgive and forget offences, which can prevent them from moving forward.

  3. Manipulative : Snakes have a manipulative side and can use their charm to get what they want.

  4. Suspicious : They tend to be suspicious of others and doubtful of their intentions.

  5. Secretive : Snakes often keep their thoughts and emotions to themselves, which can make them difficult to understand.

  6. Indecisive : They find it difficult to make decisions quickly and can be hesitant.


In love, Snakes are romantic and passionate. They will do anything for their partner and are very loyal. However, their jealousy can sometimes cause problems in their relationships. Snakes also need a certain degree of independence and freedom in their relationships.


In friendship, Snakes are loyal and devoted. They are selective in their choice of friends and prefer to have a few close friends rather than many superficial ones. Snakes are good listeners and are often regarded as good advisers.


At work, Snakes are ambitious and competent. They are often very successful in areas such as finance, research and the arts. Snakes are also highly organised and good problem solvers. However, their secretive nature can sometimes make them difficult for colleagues to understand.


When it comes to health, Snakes need to watch out for stress and anxiety, as this can have an impact on their general well-being. They also need to pay attention to their diet and exercise regularly to stay healthy. Snakes are also prone to digestive problems and need to maintain a balanced diet.

Snake (1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025)

Snakes are known for their sharp intelligence and wisdom. They are often mysterious and deep in thought.