Ilona Médium

Sagittarius (November, 22 - December, 21)

  • Greatest quality : optimisme

  • Biggest flaw : carefree

  • Polarity : Yang (masculine)

  • Color : Purple

  • Recommended stone : Turquoise is the Sagittarius gemstone, symbolising luck and protection.


In love, Sagittarians are passionate adventurers. They are attracted by the unknown and are constantly looking for new experiences. They are generally open-minded and willing to try new things in their relationship. However, they can also be a little distracted and find it hard to concentrate on one person. Sagittarians need freedom and independence, so it can be difficult for them to commit fully. It's important for their partner to understand and respect their need for time and space.


In friendship, Sagittarians are loyal and enthusiastic companions. They are sociable, enjoy meeting new people and are always ready to have fun. They are generally very open-minded and willing to listen to the opinions of others. Sagittarians are known for their sense of humour and their ability to make others happy. However, they can also be a little impulsive and say things without thinking, which can sometimes cause tension in friendships. It's important for his friends to understand that he doesn't do this intentionally and to give him a little space when he needs it.


At work, Sagittarians are enthusiastic and ambitious employees. They are often attracted to careers that allow them to travel or discover new cultures. Sagittarians are known for their creativity and ability to think innovatively. They love a challenge and are prepared to take risks to achieve their goals. However, they can also be a little impatient and find it difficult to concentrate on monotonous tasks. Sagittarians need freedom and autonomy in their work, and thrive in environments where they can make decisions and explore new ideas.


As far as health is concerned, Sagittarians are generally in good physical shape. They are active and enjoy outdoor activities. Sagittarians also have a great capacity for recuperation and can often recover quickly from illness or injury. However, they can also be a little careless when it comes to their health. Because of their love of adventure, they can sometimes overlook signs of fatigue or stress. It's important for Sagittarians to take the time to rest and recharge regularly to maintain optimum physical and mental balance.