Numerology of 11


Ilona Médium

The master number 11 is often seen as a symbol of high spirituality, keen intuition and deep sensitivity. People with this number are often described as visionaries, seekers of truth and potential spiritual leaders. Their heightened sensitivity enables them to pick up subtle energies and feel deeply the emotions of others, making them empathetic and compassionate.

Creativity is also a defining characteristic of people with the master number 11. Their overflowing imagination and ability to see things from a different angle lead them to artistic forms of expression such as art, music or writing. Their spiritual mission often leads them to explore profound questions about existence and the meaning of life, and they may be drawn to disciplines such as philosophy or metaphysics.

However, with this heightened sensitivity also comes the challenge of maintaining healthy boundaries and not allowing themselves to be overwhelmed by the emotions of others. People with the master number 11 must learn to balance their sensitivity with a certain emotional resilience to avoid exhaustion or over-stimulation.

Because of their ability to see beyond the surface of things, people with the master number 11 can often be perceived as spiritual guides or mentors by those around them. Beware, people with this master number have enormous power, so it's best to choose the bright side. Their ability to understand the challenges and inner struggles of others makes them valuable in supportive and inspirational roles.

Numerology of 11th Master Number

The Spiritual Master


Edgar Allan Poe, writer, is renowned for his intuition, sensitivity and vision. His work explores the depths of the human soul, leaving an influential legacy in Gothic literature

Basketball player Michael Jordan is renowned for his intuition, charismatic leadership and innovation on the court

Jackie Kennedy, First Lady of the United States, is renowned for her sensitivity in understanding the emotional needs of the American people

Lucy Liu, actress, is recognised for her spiritual leadership, which manifests itself through her artistic work and her commitment to social causes

Mozart, the composer, is recognised as a visionary in the world of music, revolutionising the compositional standards of his time with his creative genius

Michelle Obama, former First Lady, is recognised for her commitment to education, health and the empowerment of women, giving her a role as a spiritual guide and leader