Ilona Médium

Libra (September, 23 - October, 22)

  • Greatest quality : harmonious

  • Biggest flaw : indecision

  • Polarity : Yang (masculine)

  • Color : Pink

  • Recommended stone : Opal is the gemstone of Libra, symbolising balance and harmony.


Librans are known for their romantic nature and their constant quest for balance in their relationships. They are charming, sociable and have a great sense of aesthetics. Librans are caring and fair-minded partners, willing to compromise to maintain harmony in their relationship.

However, Librans can sometimes be indecisive, which can create tension in their relationships. They also tend to avoid conflict, which can lead to a build-up of unspoken resentment. Librans need a partner who understands and accepts their need for balance and tranquillity.


In friendship, Librans are pleasant, well-balanced companions. They are sociable, diplomatic and have an innate talent for resolving conflicts. Librans are often surrounded by friends and are appreciated for their ability to listen to and understand others.

However, Librans can sometimes be indecisive, which can frustrate their friends. They also tend to avoid confrontation, which can lead to communication problems. Librans need friends who respect their need for balance and peace, while being prepared to help them make difficult decisions.


Librans are conscientious and balanced workers. They have a keen sense of justice and are often drawn to careers related to mediation, diplomacy or the law. Librans are efficient collaborators, capable of finding compromises and maintaining harmony in the work environment.

However, Librans can sometimes be indecisive, which can slow down their decision-making. They may also find it difficult to deal with conflict, which can make them vulnerable to manipulation. Librans need a fair and harmonious working environment to give the best of themselves.


Librans attach great importance to their physical and mental well-being. They are generally aware of the importance of maintaining a balance between body and mind. They are often drawn to activities such as yoga, meditation or dance, which promote inner harmony.

However, Librans can sometimes be prone to stress due to their tendency to worry too much about the well-being of others. They need to be careful not to neglect their own needs and to find ways to relax and recharge regularly.