Ilona Médium

Gemini (May, 21 - June, 20)

  • Greatest quality : adaptability

  • Biggest flaw : superficiality

  • Polarity : Yang (masculine)

  • Color : Yellow

  • Recommended stone : Agate is the stone associated with Gemini, symbolising harmony and communication.


In their love life, Geminis are stimulating and communicative partners. They are naturally charming and have a knack for forming relationships. Geminis are often attracted to intelligent and mentally stimulating people. They enjoy deep conversations and intellectual exchanges. However, their fickle nature can sometimes make it difficult to form lasting relationships. Geminis need variety and constant stimulation to maintain their love interest.


In friendship, Geminis are fun and sociable companions. They have a playful personality that makes them popular and easy to get along with. Geminis are always ready to try new activities and meet new people. Their curious and adaptable nature makes them interesting and versatile friends. However, their tendency to get bored easily can sometimes make friendships superficial. Geminis need friends who can keep up with them and stimulate them intellectually.


At work, Geminis excel in fields that require constant communication and creativity. They are gifted in communication-related professions, such as writers, journalists, teachers and public speakers. Geminis are also highly adaptable, which makes them suitable for working in changing environments. However, their tendency to get bored easily can make them less motivated in routine jobs. Geminis need challenges and intellectual stimulation to give their best at work.


As far as health is concerned, Geminis are generally in good physical shape. Their energetic nature and curiosity drive them to try new activities and keep active. However, Geminis can be prone to stress and anxiety due to their tendency to overthink. They need to find ways to relax and unwind regularly to maintain their emotional balance. Geminis also need to pay attention to their respiratory system, as they are susceptible to breathing problems such as asthma.